Wine & Champagne Cellar

At the Hotel Bergwelt, we have given our selection of wines a stylish setting – our wine cellar.

From wines for beginners to up-and-coming varieties of grapes from top Austrian wineries and big wines and rarities from the best vintages.

Wine Tasting

Once a week, guests who are fans of wine can enjoy a wine tasting. Take time to learn more about Austrian and international wines and let yourself be taken away to a world of scents and colour.

Our Wines

Our wine list, from simple to award-winning bottles and world-renowned fine wines, offers the perfect accompaniment for any occasion.

White wines from Austria
White wines from Italy
White wines from France
Wines from the rest of the world
Red wines from Austria
Red wines from Italy
Red wines from France
Large bottles
Sweet wines
Vieil Armagnac
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