Gourmet Board

Gourmet Breakfast

At the Bergwelt, a day of enjoyment begins right at breakfast. Complete with front-of-house cooking, we prepare fresh egg dishes upon request, or you could start your day with salmon and prosecco. Fortify yourself with something healthy from our organic and muesli corner with fruits, vegetables and freshly squeezed juices.

Afternoon Buffet

Celebrate with us and enjoy an afternoon snack by the cosy fire in the Moose Bar. Every afternoon, our pâtissier offers hotel guests a selection of cakes, Austrian pastries and hearty treats.


In the evening, be whisked away with delicacies and a romantic ambiance. Enjoy your five-course meal of choice by candlelight and help yourself to our delicious salad and cheese bars. Weekly specialty buffets, such as the typical Oetztal Valley Evening or a delicious gourmet trip to Tuscany or Piedmont, for example, ensure plenty of variety. Each Sunday, you can celebrate with us at our cocktail party, a perfect way to get to know everyone.

Our head chef Claus Sagernik and his team will be happy to accommodate special requests such as vegetarian dishes and meet allergy-related requirements.

Enjoy a five-course gourmet meal
in one of our restaurants.

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