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All rooms and suites are individually decorated and harmoniously combine modern, romantic, elegant style with the charm of the surrounding mountains. Whether you want room for just yourself or for the entire family - comfort and well-being are always the main focus.

Cat. B1 Single Room

approx. 13m² | max. 1 Pers.

Cat. B2 Single/Double Room

approx. 23m² | max. 1-2 Pers.

Cat. A1 Double Room

approx. 20m² | max. 1-2 Pers.

Cat. A2 Double Room

approx. 25m² | max. 2-3 Pers.

Cat. A3 Junior Suite

approx. 30m² | max. 2-4 Pers.

Cat. A4 Junior Suite

approx. 40m² | max. 2-4 Pers.

Cat. A5 Junior Suite

approx. 45m² | max. 2-5 Pers.

Cat. C1 Hotel Suite

approx. 30m² | max. 2-3 Pers.

Cat. C2 Hotel Suite

approx. 40m² | max. 2-5 Pers.

Cat. C3 Hotel Suite

approx. 45m² | max. 2-5 Pers.

Kat. C4 Hotelsuite

approx. 45m² | max. 2-5 Pers.

Cat. C5 Hotel Suite

approx. 50m² | max. 2-6 Pers.

Romantic Suite

approx. 50m² | max. 2-4 Pers.

Family Royal Suite

approx. 60m² | max. 2-6 Pers.

Bergwelt Luxury Suite

approx. 60m² | max. 2-5 Pers.

Private Suite

approx. 110m² | max. 2-4 Pers.

Minor changes and differences are possible from the pictures and floor plans.

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